Experiencing chaos scheduling the tasks must come to an end!

It is just more logic putting the effort into completing the task rather than reducing your productivity getting it organised.

Real time
resource booking

Getting your tasks organised in real time lets you immediately be aware of how many hours you and your colleagues are dedicating to the projects, who is working on what and avoid overbooking.


Purfect will always be displaying analytics done in real time. So meanwhile you are purring you can check out your and your team’s efficiency, the progress of projects, top clients. Purfect is proud to provide all the members of the team with extreme transparency.

Cloud Service

Get down to the task management instantly! No complicated downloading process, simply subscribe. Ah, right! We know you might be mobile and we have of course considered that. Download Purfect app!


Everyone knows – the simpler the better! Cats in fact take everything like that! Purfect appears in super smooth and sophisticated user interface, obviously including the tasking itself. Our cat will do it’s best to show up once in a while.

There is no better satisfaction than seeing all of the task completed by the end of the day. Purfect is Perfect for keeping track of our productivity. It solves time management issues, especially while working on the go.

Deividas TrainavičiusCEO


We know the pricing might also be one of your interests. And it is pretty elementary too. Two possibilities you can choose from



With 5.00 monthly euros you get: limited access (for up to 3 member team) and all the features included. As we are sure of your future growth, this is a limited time offer.

30 days free trial


With 29.99 monthly euros you get: unlimited access (though we recommend up to 20 team members) and all the features included.

30 days free trial

Us, the company

We believe that working in a team must be as efficient as possible and collaborating together we have combined all the possible needs in one, very effective result

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